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Can You Fund Your Goals?

What are your goals?

When can we retire?  Will we have enough retirement income?  Will we be able to maintain our standard of living?  Will we outlive our money or will our money outlive us?  How much can we travel during retirement?  Can we afford to pay for college?  Do we have enough life insurance?  Will my spouse have enough  income after I die?

Your Financial Plan

"All the flowers of all the tomorrows are in the seeds of today."

~Indian Proverb

It's all about enjoying and outliving your money for the rest of your life.  A well-designed Retirement Lifestyle Plan helps you determine if you are on track to fund your goals and, if not, helps you to get, and stay, on track.

In addition, at critical market junctures, a plan helps you focus on long-term returns (Is there any other kind?) to avoid making bad decisions influenced by short-term conditions.  When things are bad, everyone feels the need to...DO SOMETHING!  But what?  And why?



Financial Goals
Retirement Income College
Travel Car
Major Purchase Health Care
New or Second Home Home Improvement
Wedding Celebration
Gift or Donation Provide Care
Start Business Private School
Leave Bequest Any Other Major Expense


6 Easy Steps to Your Retirement Lifestyle Plan.

  1. Identify all your unique Financial Goals and create an Acceptable Range for each.

  2. Determine the balance of Risk and Return that is right for you. 

  3. Identify the resources that will help fund your Goals.

    • Savings

    • Investment Assets

    • Income Sources

    • Other Assets

  4. Create your personal Retirement Lifestyle Plan.

  5. Review and discuss your Plan results.

    • See how you're doing now

    • Determine how to get in your Confidence Zone.

  6. Implement your Action items.

    • Establish the proper savings strategy

    • Implement an appropriate Asset Allocation strategy for your investment portfolio.

The true power of your Retirement Lifestyle Plan doesn't come from doing it once and forgetting it.  Planning is a continuous process.  Updating regularly puts current events in perspective, helps you decide appropriate adjustments, and strengthens your confidence in the future.

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