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Can You Fund Your Goals?

What are your goals?

When can we retire?  Will we have enough retirement income?  Will we be able to maintain our standard of living?  Will we outlive our money or will our money outlive us?  How much can we travel during retirement?  Can we afford to pay for college?  Do we have enough life insurance?  Will my spouse have enough  income after I die?

Client Information & Privacy Policy


The early bird gets the worm but the second mouse gets the cheese.


Login to Your Schwab Alliance Website


  1. Deposits To Your Account & Schwab Mailing Address

  2. Your Account

  3. Your Access To Your Account On The Internet:

    1. Set up your Schwab Alliance Login User ID and Password, or

    2. Set up your eDelivery paperless service for account statements, confirms, & tax statements

  4. Our Access To Your Account

  5. Fees

  6. Schwab Institutional Trade Commissions

  7. Check Requests & Other Service Issues

  8. Privacy Policy

  9. Investment Brochure (Form ADV Part 2A)


Deposits To Your Account & Schwab Mailing Address

We do not accept deposits for your accounts.  The address for mailing deposits, forms, or any other correspondence is:

Charles Schwab & Company Inc.
Institutional Client Service Group
P.O. Box 628290
Orlando FL 32862-9905

  • Write your Schwab account number on your check.

  • Self-addressed stamped envelopes are available upon request.

Your account can also be set up for electronic deposits/withdrawals between your bank and brokerage account.

Your Account

Although your accounts are held at the brokerage company of your choice, currently all directly managed accounts are held in custody by Schwab Institutional, the institutional trading branch of Charles Schwab & Co., Inc.

Using a discount brokerage can be to your advantage and can save thousands of dollars per year compared to a full-commission brokerage.

You will receive periodic account statements - usually monthly - from your brokerage company, in addition to regular trade confirmations, tax information, and other account-related information.

Schwab Institutional, for example, offers real-time Internet access to your accounts with access to past account statements, trade confirmations, and tax documents--all available for printing. Your live website will show your performance too.


Your Access to Your Account on the Internet

To sign up for paperless delivery (eDelivery), follow the procedure below:

Set up Your Schwab Alliance Login User ID and Password

Do you already have a User I.D. and password?

Yes No
(1) Go directly to our Paperless Enrollment page at to complete your enrollment and identify which Schwab accounts you want switched to paperless delivery. (1) You can set up a login User I.D. and password at the Login ID Setup page.

If you prefer, you can set up your login ID and password by calling a Schwab Signature Alliance® rep at 800-515-2157.

(2) After you set up your login User ID and password, visit the Paperless Enrollment page to complete enrollment.

For your security, the registration process requires some account-specific details. Please have a copy of your most recent statement on hand.


Our Access To Your Account

Our access to your Schwab Institutional accounts include:

  1. Effecting buy and sell trade transactions.

  2. Ordering Schwab Institutional to make disbursements to your address of record. Disbursements of your funds are made only to your address of record, unless your written instructions are submitted in advance to Schwab Institutional. We also initiate pre-authorized electronic deposits and withdrawals to and from your accounts.

  3. We have access to your account data, transaction history, current and past gains/loss information; access to your archived Schwab statements, tax statements, and account profile information.



To avoid conflicts of interest, client fees make up 100% of our revenue.  We have a strong financial incentive that you do well.  All fees are quoted before work begins.

There is no charge for initial meetings.

The amount of your fee depends on what we do for you.  Fees are thoroughly explained at the initial meeting.

Fees are often deductible.  Check with your tax advisor.


Schwab Institutional Trade Commissions

Schwab Institutional is a division of Charles Schwab & Co. Inc.  Trade commissions usually are $8.95 per trade.

Check Requests and Other Service Issues

For check requests, and other service issues, I may be reached in my office at 812-399-1198 or call Schwab Alliance at 800-515-2157 between 7:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. EST.

Under no circumstances will Schwab mail a check to an address different from the address of record without prior written instructions.  The same applies for electronic withdrawals from your account.

Year End Tax Information

Form 1099s are normally mailed by Schwab Institutional during the last two weeks of January. Sometimes, "corrected 1099s" follow in February,
so it's a good idea to wait to file your taxes until after corrected Form 1099s have been received.

If you are enrolled in eStatements your tax documents are archived on your Schwab Alliance website and are available for printing and/or download.



Privacy Policy

We are committed to safeguarding your private information that we maintain about you. Our privacy policy applies to present and former clients. “Personal information” refers to the nonpublic information obtained in connection with carrying out our services.

Your Privacy Is Not for Sale

Simply put, we do not and will not sell your personal information to anyone, for any reason, at any time. We may, however, share information that we believe is required or permitted by law. For example, we may be required to disclose personal information to cooperate with securities regulators or law enforcement authorities.

How We Collect Information About You

We collect personal information about you in a number of ways.

  1. Account application and registration information

    We collect information from you from brokerage account applications and other documents required by Schwab (or other brokerage company that holds your assets) when you open a brokerage account or enroll in some brokerage services. The information we collect may include your name, address, phone number, email address, Social Security number and date of birth, as well as details about your interests, investments and investment experience.
  2. Transaction and experience information

    Once you have opened a brokerage account, we have access to the information collected and maintained by the brokerage company, including personal information about your account activity, including your transactions, balances, positions and history.

    When you visit our website, our computer does not use devices known as "cookies.”

Safeguarding Your Information, Maintaining Your Trust

We take precautions to ensure the information we collect about you is protected and is accessed only by those authorized. We maintain physical, electronic and procedural safeguards to protect personal information.

Commitment to Keeping You Informed

We will provide you with advance notice of important changes, if any, to our information-sharing practices. We often re-evaluate our security and privacy policies and adapt them as necessary. Please direct questions to Bill Bowers at 812-951-0380.

Other Disclosures

Bowers Capital Management (BCM) is a state-registered registered investment advisor. BCM is in compliance with the current registration and/or notice filing requirements imposed upon registered investment advisers by those states in which BCM maintains the required number of clients. We are obligated to register with each state in which we have more than 5 clients. Even though we do not register in those states in which we have 5 or less clients, we are still held accountable by the individual securities laws of each state.

BCM will not render investment advice to any individual or company unless BCM is first registered in the client's state of residence or unless BCM satisfies an applicable exemption or exclusion from such state's registration requirements. We currently accept business from all fifty states.

BCM's website is limited to the dissemination of general information pertaining to its investment advisory services. It is for informational purposes only and so should not be construed by a consumer and/or prospective client as a solicitation to effect, or attempt to effect transactions in securities, or the rendering of personalized investment advice for compensation, over the Internet. BCM's specific advice is given only within the context of our contractual agreements with each client. Advice may only be rendered after the delivery of Form ADV Part II (Investment advisor's disclosure document) and the execution of an agreement by the client and BCM. Form ADV Part II, which discusses BCM's business operations, services, and fees is available upon request.